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Online casino is a gaming club, which uses slots (slot machines), roulette, poker and other games of chance to play. You can play online casino for real money or for free, which is why you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money, but you can just have fun, get a dose of adrenaline without investing a penny. But later, when you understand how slots are played online, you can safely play in online casinos for money.
Licensed online casinos are the same places that are described above, but which have official permitting documents for gambling. Licensed casinos do not cheat, do not use scripts, and use only licensed slots from the manufacturer.
Slot machines are the actual software that is used to play on certain sites, namely online casinos. The machines give a chance to win real money to the player, but there is also a risk to lose. Although the return as a percentage in the gaming machine is in favor of the player and it is called RTP, comprising from 96 to 98% in licensed gaming machines.
Slots online — it's all the same as slot machines. On the Internet, in the Internet casinos, it is customary to call them differently. Slots are also pirated (scripted) and licensed slots. I strongly do not recommend playing script slots, as there the percentage of return is set by the casino admins and is always in favor of the casino!
Casino slots are a kind of big win, which is usually counted from x100. That is, your bet at the time of winning should be multiplied by 100 and higher. For example, you played for 20 rubles and caught a win of more than 2000 rubles, then this can be considered a drift in a casino. A skip can be for a single spin, or for the entire bonus game.

Introducing cutting drifts in online casinos from the most top streamers on YouTube and Twich. Huge stakes, incredible winnings, crazy emotions and a lot of adrenaline are waiting for you on our channel. If you like to play gambling and in online casinos, then our channel will be useful for you, there are always a lot of new buns, casino bonuses and promotional codes. All drifts occur only in licensed casinos and for real money, no candy wrappers. We publish only the best skids of the world's best streamers, such as Vitus (VITUSS BRITVA), Ludojop (LUDOJOP), CasinoDaddy and many others.
Have a great day everyone and drifts from x1000 !!!
MOST 18+
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