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A wonderful win in the casino volcano! VLOG NO. 2

Hi everyone, guys, this is Dima! They asked to make a video of how I play slot machines in the online casino Volcano! This is my A wonderful win in the casino volcano! VLOG number 2! Watch the video to the end to understand the very essence of the game in the casino volcano. I only play proven gaming clubs, this casino is a volcano. Beginners do not advise playing in the casino volcano, so as a ca...[Read More]

Inside America’s BIGGEST Casino [An Oklahoma Vlog]

Went on a quick road trip to Oklahoma City with my friends! We didn’t know where to go so we used Google and Yelp. We ended up spending a few minutes in Martin Park Nature Center and dropped by America’s largest casino to play some roulette and black jack. …Don’t forget the Pizza and Beer! MUSIC: «So Alive» by Gill Bondy — I love trying new things. Whether i...[Read More]

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