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Vergleich des Epiphone Casino, Sheraton und Dot 335 — Nick von Gibson bei PMT

Abonnieren: Finden Sie uns in den sozialen Medien: Nick von Gibson geht einige Unterschiede zwischen den beliebten Epiphone-Modellen wie Casino, Sheraton und Dot 335 durch. Komplettes Sortiment bei Professional Music Technology im Geschäft und online unter как играть в казино

Epiphone Gary Clark Jr Blak & Blu Casino

Reviewed in Guitarist issue 401 Gear demos playlist: Subscribe for more from Guitarist: Buy Guitarist magazine in print and digital forms: Visit our website: Facebook: Twitter: как играть в казино

Epiphone Casino vs Custom Gibson ES-330 VOS Custom Shop

Epiphone Casino vs Custom Gibson ES 330 VOS Shop carregado com captadores P90 Rede Social INTHEBLUES: ►Instagram: ►Patreon: Loja da filial de ►Amazon: ►facebook: ►Twitter: ► как играть в казино

The Beatles — And Your Bird Can Sing — Guitar Cover — Epiphone Casino

George and Paul’s expertly crafted lead harmony guitar parts make this Revolver song a must know for Beatles guitarists. The higher harmony part slurs more notes through slides and bends than the lower part, which plays every note in the riff individually. The resulting sound is very unique in that one can hear the clarity of the individual notes blend with the smoothness of a legato guitar....[Read More]

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