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Karaoke with Vitus cover D VitussBritva

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Coez — Faccio un casino (cover)

как играть в казино

Flosstradamus feat. Casino — Mosh Pit (Meaux Green & Party Favor Remix) [Cover Art]

Flosstradamus feat. Casino — Mosh Pit (Meaux Green & Party Favor Remix) Jetzt verfügbar! iTunes: iTunes: iTunes: von Ultra Music Abonnieren Sie Ultra Music — Abonnieren Sie UltraTV — Ultra Music ist ein US-amerikanisches unabhängiges Label für elektronische Musik mit Sitz in New York City. Die derzeitige Liste von Ultra umfasst Benny Benassi, Die blutigen Rote-Bete-Wurzeln, S...[Read More]

The Beatles — And Your Bird Can Sing — Guitar Cover — Epiphone Casino

George and Paul’s expertly crafted lead harmony guitar parts make this Revolver song a must know for Beatles guitarists. The higher harmony part slurs more notes through slides and bends than the lower part, which plays every note in the riff individually. The resulting sound is very unique in that one can hear the clarity of the individual notes blend with the smoothness of a legato guitar....[Read More]

Casino — Bizarre Love Triangle (Acoustic Cover) A cover of New Order’s 1986 single «Bizarre Love Triangle» by Casino, an alternative foursome from the suburbs of Montreal, Canada. Casino have recently released their debut EP «Sainte Rose», as well as their first single «Graceful». Directed and edited by Dominik Mastrianni Mixed and ...[Read More]

[TABS] Arctic Monkeys — Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino (Bass Cover)

Support me & my covers if You want through Bandcamp! Next cover will be Four Out of Five. 🙂 Thanks for the amazing intro illustration to my friend from Germany Find me on… Facebook: Instagram: Ultimate Guitar: Arctic Monkeys — Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino — 2018 — bass cover with tabs. Bass: SX ’75 Jazz Bass LTD3 как играть в казино

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