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Stream Vituss, BETTING 10.000 RUBLES !! Echte Sprünge in Online-Casinos

spielen oft in Casinos und Streams. Während der ganzen Zeit gewann er ungefähr 700 Tausend Rubel, aber einige von ihnen verloren wieder. Abonnieren Sie den Kanal, setzen Sie Likes und im nächsten Stream werde ich 30 Tausend Rubel spielen! Ich spiele verschiedene lizenzierte Casinos, von Franken über Slot bis Columbus bis hin zu Aufregung. Wenn für Sie das Spiel nicht nur ein Abzug und ein Drang is...[Read More]

Review of licensed casino online JoyCasino. Sports betting, live dealers, roulette, slots. Not a volcano

✅ PROVEN LICENSE           🔰 ✅ ONLINE CASINO ✅ 🔰                    18+        Casino is a big evil !!!        If not played, do not start! Pity yourself, your loved ones, your nerves and money!        In this video, I made a review of one of the popular top online casinos JoyCasino. You can see the number of slot manufacturers, the number of slots themselves, as well as the monthl...[Read More]

Win Kashmir Gold EGT! 1xbet! Sports betting! The whole truth 1xbet! The drifts of the week.

Link to always working site 1 Xbet! Enter the promotional code when registering to get a nice bonus 1x_26217. лучшие заносы недели

The D’alembert Casino Betting Strategy — A Safer Bet?

A look at the validity of the d’alembert casino betting strategy See more guides at Android Slots: Casino betting guides playlist: The d’alembert betting strategy is a binary betting strategy much like the much more well known martingale system. The system yet again relies on increasing bets for every loss and then decreasing your bet during wins. The idea is to make up for any loss wi...[Read More]


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How to Win at Casino Every Time — Craps Betting Strategy

In today’s craps betting strategy I will show you how to win at casino every time you play. This is a variation of the iron cross. In this strategy I add a pass line bet with odds and put two units on the 5, 6 and 8, with only one unit in the field. With this strategy you will win with every roll of the dice except for the seven. Good Luck. I made a couple “Color Up” T-shirts for myself, wan...[Read More]

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