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Check! Does it work or not? This is not a secret bug, no cheat, no cheat. This is just a great way, rather even a simple tactic, adhering to which you can not only not go into the minus, but also to cut huge grandmas. Many homeless people wonder: “How to make money in the GTA Samp?”, In principle, this can be done with the help of this strategy. Admins for this do not ban itself. Sorry that there was no video for a long time, Dad in the building! And yes, this is Diamond RP, Onyx server, I have long chose between Advance, Samp-RP, and many other RP samp servers, but I came to the conclusion that this is the most optimal, and most importantly, that you supported me. In the future, perhaps, we will ban cheaters, take off the administrator’s everyday life, admin patrol, and much more (for example, MTA, CRMP, GTA ONLINE, CS: GO). Bro, do not forget to put likes and subscribe, nyasha. On my channel you will find interesting headings, such as:
A lot of video on the sump on different servers (Arizona, Samp-Rp, Diamond, Advance). Admin patrol, admin admin, RP situations, global RPshki, expose, VERSUS rap battles in the sump, pranks, schoolchildren on Skype, useful bugs, vlogi, videos with my friends YouTube and much more! Enjoy watching!

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