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Halloween Jack Major skidding contest

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➊ Do not think of gambling as a method of earning.
The casino is designed to make money. And nothing else. Over time, you will give more money than you received. Think of a game as entertainment for money — like buying a movie ticket, for example.
➋ Play only for the money you CAN allow yourself to lose.
Play on a certain monthly budget, and not on the last money for life.
Set a limit on the game in advance.
Decide how much you can afford to lose even before the game starts. If you lose — that's all, stop! If you win — you are just lucky and do not need to be upset if after that the luck may change.
➍ Set the time for the game.
It is very easy to lose time when you play. Set the alarm, and when it rings, that's it, go out! Everything is set up so that the more you win, the more you lose.
➎ Never try to recoup.
If you have not set a loss limit per game or a time limit per game, then you are not trying to control your entertainment for real. Attempting to win back your losses often leads to even bigger and bigger losses.

➡ Pass a lot of information on the problem of Ludomania

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