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Edik Vulcan Casino Slot Machines Online, How To Play A Newbie Reviews, Review, Not Advertising 2019

Edik Vulcan Casino Slot Machines Online, How To Play A Newbie Reviews, Review, Not Advertising 2019 OUR FRIENDS Today there are many slots in game resources that have begun their story yet in past times. They passed the test of time, user demand, retained their excitement and appeal. Therefore, new generations of players are also not averse to catch luck on such machines. Long-livers of gaming space are slots from Igrososft. Let them look less modern against the background of modern models. Resident free slot machine is one of these slots. His spy story is still interesting to users, and the quality of bonus stages will be relevant for a long time. You can play for free on the Resident device in the virtual game club King.

The Resident machine is a 5-slot slot with 9 pay lines. You can bet on them up to a maximum of 225 credits. Automatic functionally diverse. There is a bonus game in several stages. There is also a risk game in which you can double the amount stacked by one click.

In the design of automats Igrosoft there is one common feature. The game is the main character — his large image is necessarily present on the screen outside the playing field. In Resident, this character was a military intelligence officer. He studies the cards and watches the game. Symbols became the images of things considered attributes of the daily life of a scout. Here revolve pistols and machine guns, medals and epaulets. Apparently, a scout and a fire extinguisher are needed — in the game he acts like a wilde: replaces any images in an incomplete combination. The bonus symbol was a picture with a safe. This symbol is not paid. 2-5 safes take the game to the bonus level. By the way, in the gaming environment, the slot is known as the Safes — the users named the slot in honor of the bonus symbol.

An interesting bonus stage in Resident — one of the reasons for the popularity of the machine. The user's task is to open the safes with prizes and bypass the safe with explosives, because it closes the bonus stage. In safes hidden multipliers for the rate. Therefore, if the player is lucky, the stage with safes can be very profitable. After opening 5 safes and not stumbling upon explosives, the player enters a new level of bonus game. Here the choice of winning options is not so wide. From the 2 doors depicted you need to choose one. By opening the one for which the girl is found, the player will receive up to 100 credits. The second door is a zero option.

Although they continue to step on the heels of the heaped automata, the Resident does not lose ground. Simple design, easy control of the gameplay and super-profitable game — these are the reasons that attract the attention of users to the machine. Having a risk game adds to the slot sharpness and excitement.


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