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VON DUPRIN Installation Instructions 22 Rim Device.

Von Duprin EL98/EL99 Series Touch Bar Exit Device with Electric Latch Retraction- Exit Only. The EL feature allows for the remote unlatching of exit devices. A control station operator can flip a switch to. All 33A/35A series exit devices are UL listed for Panic Hardware or Fire Hardware, and are certified to ANSI A156.3, 2001, Grade1. Model:Von Duprin 33A, 33AEO, EL33A, EL33AEO, RX33A, RX33AEO, US3, US4, US10, US26, US26D, US28, 313AN, 33AEOUS28, 33AEO313. Von Duprin 22 exit devices are designed and built to be maintenance free; however, such factors as installation, severity of use, environmental conditions, and changes in the condition of the door opening may require that maintenance and/or device adjustment be performed.

Von Duprin • 33A/35A Series Rim Exit Device Service Manual • 3 299 Strike - Single or Double Door Panic Exit Hardware 1606 Strike - Single or Double Door Panic Exit Hardware 1408 Strike - Double Door Used on 5754 Mullions Panic Exit Hardware 386DT 386NL 360T-BE 360L 388NL-OP OUTSIDE TRIM FUNCTIONS. 8 • Von Duprin 98/99 Series 98/99 Rim exit device 98/99 Rim exit device 98 and 99 Rim exit devices for all types of single and double doors with mullion, UL listed for panic exit hardware. Devices are ANSI A156.3 – 2001 Grade 1. The 98 device has a smooth mechanism case and the 99 device has a grooved case. The rim device is non-handed. It is Von Duprin’s choice solution for hospitals, libraries, museums, theaters and any other place where ambient noise is possibly disruptive. The QEL is available on all Von Duprin 98/99, 94/95 and 33A/35A Series exit devices. Von Duprin 98L-US26D: Rim Exit Device with Lever Trim - This Von Duprin 98L is a heavy duty rim exit device that is supplied with a lever trim in which a key locks and unlocks the lever. Von Duprin EL99EO: Rim Exit Device with Electric Latch Retraction - This Von Duprin EL99EO is a rim exit device with electric latch retraction which enables remote unlatching of exit devices. This feature is an alternative to manual dogging and it.

Cylinder dogging on panic exit devices will replace the standard hex key dogging. Unit requires a standard 1-1/4" mortise cylinder with a straight cam, not included. Not available for Fire Rated devices. What is the difference between the Von Duprin 1439 strike and the 299 strike when using the 33A/35A rim device? Resolution: The Von Duprin 1439 strike is. 4 • Von Duprin • 98/99 Series Rim Exit Devices Service Manual 98/99 RIM PANIC DEVICE 16 15 16 10B 11 13 9 7B 6 17 8 7A CD Conversion Kit 99 Series - 050115 98 Series - 050132 Hex Dogging Kit 99 Series - 050114 98 Series - 050117 3 5 1 3B 2 4 3C 3A 10 10A 7B 7 B 12 18 PANIC ONLY PANIC ONLY 1 Less Dogging Cover Plate Kit 99 Series - 050589 98 Series - 050588 7 7 14. Von Duprin • 98/99. 12.12.2016 · How to Install the Von Duprin Concealed Vertical Cable Exit Device.

Von Duprin Rim Panic 2021

Von Duprin Quiet Latch Retraction - Allegion US.

More About Rim Exit Devices. Rim exit devices are the most popular style of panic bars. They can generally be placed on any single or double door with or without a mullion. These devices get mounted directly onto the door. Qualified Hardware carries a large variety of rim exit devices with many different features and various specifications to. “ STAB for rim panics. Use with all Von Duprin rim panic devices 4854 is han. RPD. Resolution: RIM Panic Reinforcement, Rim Reinf, Internal Reinforced for surface Rim Panic Device; Exit Device Reinforcement. Can a panic device be converted to a fire-rated device in the field.

If the device is used on exterior applications, we recommend the Von Duprin mechanical 98/99 exit device with one of the powder coated finishes. Von Duprin offers a Weep Hole feature that will allow liquids that get into the device to drain out of the device. Von Duprin 33A/35A Series • 5 Nomenclature – how to order CD CX EL HD-EL QEL HH LD LX LX-LC LX-RX LX-RX-LC PL PN RX RX-LC RX2 SS AX WP-RX Cylinder dogging - panic only. Von Duprin XP98/XP99 Series Touch Bar Exit Device - Exit Only. For increased security the XP98/99 Rim Exit Device has a static load force resistance of more than 2,000 pounds, twice that of standard rim exit devices. The two-piece latch bolt forms a 90latch-to-strike contact.

Von Duprin 98EO-F / 99EO-F Rim Panic Exit Device - Fire Rated. 98-F and 99-F rim fire exit devices for all types of single doors up to 4x 101219mm x 3048mm or 8x 102438mm x 3048mm double doors with 9954 or 9854 mullion, UL listed for Fire Exit Hardware. Von Duprin • 33A/35A Series Rim Exit Device Service Manual • 5 33A/35A RIM PANIC DEVICE Item No. Quantity Part No. Description Finish 1 900619 33A/35ASeriesMounting Pkg. 1-3/4& 2-1/4.

Von Duprin 99EO - Von Duprin 99 Series Rim.

The Von Duprin 88 Panic Device has been around since the 1950's, and is probably the device that put Von Duprin on the Map. It is designed for all types of single and double doors with mullions. Resolution: Panic devices are not designed for exterior application. As with any mechanical device, exposure to the elements may affect the operation and life of the device and/or finish and may void&n. The Von Duprin 22 Panic Only 22EO is part of the economy series. Even though is it the least expensive Von Duprin, it is still a very heavy duty panic device. It is for all types of single and double doors with mullion, for door stiles as narrow as 3-13/16”. All 22 Series exit devices are UL listed for Panic Hardware or Fire Hardware, and are.

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